Saturday, May 10, 2014

Humming Pomp and Circumstance

One whole semester gone by...the last one that is. Yes, you read that correctly! The LAST semester! I graduated! Woohoo!
My little victory cry.

I chose not to walk and I chose not to have a celebration. All of that stuff doesn't mean much to me. Besides that, being the center of a party or the center of attention for strangers really isn't my cup of tea. I am just basking in the thoughts of achieving something that was really hard for me to reach. There always seemed to be some sort of obstacle I needed to get past. One (an injury) even slowed me down by about a year but I got there. I'm pretty damn proud of myself for moving through it all and reaching the end.

That being said, I definitely COULD have done it all without my DH but I certainly wouldn't have wanted to do any of it without him by my side supporting me. He became my rock when I really needed it and I will never forget that.

Congrats to all the awesome graduates this year! Amidst all your celebrating don't forget to relish the fact that you climbed that mountain.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Spanish ads and Stormtroopers, oh my!

Classes seem to be flying by so quickly. Expect for the times I have projects and papers due. Lol We really only have 1 month left then finals then a short break. I'll be graduating at the end of next semester and I can hardly stand it. It has taken me what seems like forever to get here.

I had to do an ad in Spanish about a state park. It was easy to compile but not so easy to do in front of a class. I can write papers with the best of them though I dislike it immensely, especially starting them. For the life of me though, no matter how many times I stand in front of people, I just can't seem to shake one single ounce of this fear of public speaking. I stumbled a few times through the Spanish ad and had to look at my paper to remember. Once I stumble my mind just goes blank. I think I concentrate too much on the mess up and not enough on pulling it back together. Ah well. It went ok though. I survived. Lol

Had my birthday in October and turned....none of your business. Old huh? :P Really though, my birthday was great. I also look forward to carving a pumping every year. I love, love, love Halloween and I love carving pumpkins. I usually take the seeds and bake them afterwards. Thinking about this makes me want to go grab a pumpkin just to bake the seeds now! Anyway, usually I do what ever I choose to do but this time around my DH requested a pattern. So I obliged. :) And here is what our pumpkin looked like:

Halloween 2013: Stormtrooper Pumpkin Carving

I had fun and I like the way it turned out. All in all our Halloween was a great one and what makes it even better was that there was leftover candy for us! Bonus!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween, if you celebrated that is. On to the next holiday....Thanksgiving.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Just so you know, I'm still here!

It's definitely been a while.

Classes have started and are keeping me hopping pretty good. I've got one class I am doing 4 presentations in and they are about a week apart from each other. I'll get it done. It just takes a lot of time. I'm also dealing with thyroid issues. If you have a thyroid disease then you definitely know what I am talking about. It's the tiredness that is getting me this time around. UGH! But my doctor and I will hopefully get it sorted.

Meanwhile, are you keeping up with all the good Fall show lineups? Oh wow! There are just too many I want to watch and not enough time to watch them. I did see the pilot for Dads and I managed to catch the first episode of Sleepy Hollow. I just LOVE that we can do this whenever we want. Our schedules wouldn't allow us to watch anything and enjoy it if we had to go by TV schedules. Thank you Roku! You are so awesome. I would bow down to your brilliance if my knees allowed me to do so. Well, the Roku... and Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu....can't forget those three. We would still be able to watch shows on the Roku just not the current ones we are really into without having those 3.

My goodness! Has fall weather arrived where you live yet? It keeps trying to here but at the moment we are sitting in 80 degree weather with HUGE amounts of humidity. It's warm and icky out. I hope Fall weather shoves its way through here soon though. I so look forward to the cool breezes and cold weather. Makes walking in the evenings that much nicer.

I wish you all tons of beautiful memories as Fall arrives!

Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm tired.

The title says it all.

It's late. I'm tired...and now I'm worked up.

I ran across a video someone posted of themselves on the internet. You know those videos, attempting to do something neat ends up with a blooper video that can sometimes be funny. Well, this time, to me, it was funny. Then I made to huge mistake of scrolling and reading the comments. Tons of people berating and bashing this person to bits over a simple blooper video meant to be silly. I was shocked...and then I remembered where I was...on the internet. It got me to thinking about how people behave. Most people behave rationally when in a real life setting (notice I said most people). For some reason though when it comes to the internet, you find some people can say the most cruelest things and it makes you wonder how they can be *that* ugly inside. What made them think that it was ok to say what they said regardless of the setting? If they were in public, would they say these things to people's faces? If they didn't think it was ok to say in public, why would they think it was ok to say on the internet? Even though it is keyboard typing it is still public. What clicked in their brains to make them flip from it not being ok to it being ok as long as it is online? It's still being said, online or real world. It still has the same connotations behind it. It still looks as bad as it sounds coming out of their mouth. And it still hurts people just as it would in real life. You can see so much ugly spewing from someone's mouth that it just makes your heart sink to know they have that in them to be that hateful. And I have to wonder every time I see things like this...they can't possibly be this horrible in person. What is even more daunting to me as I read more of the comments on this particular post is that there are so *many* commenters with this same nastiness going from their brains to their fingertips. The same disgusting hate-filled ignorance in comment after comment. Now, granted, some did stand up for the person who posted the video but more often than not the comments were anything but nice. And so, seeing all of those comments I had to stop and wonder: Are there *that* many people out there with this much anger/hate? I'm not naive, don't get me wrong. I do know the world is vast and that there are all types of people out there. This being the internet, and readily available to many, of course there will be even larger "group mentality" issues but it's just completely shocking to see so many ugly people gathering over one silly video of some girl trying to dance and falling (literally). Instead of seeing the humor in it, these people chose to belittle her and become extremely nasty towards her. I just don't get it. No, more so, I just don't see the point of it. I don't see the point of carrying around all that nastiness and I don't see the point of dishing it to others for no reason at all.